Why Raber?


Raber enables visual editing for any React app, eliminating the need to hardcode CSS or text into your codebase. By utilizing the power of AI and GUI tools, UI changes can be made quickly and easily without going through the entire development process. With Raber, simply visit your app's URL, make changes, click publish, and your updated page will be live in seconds.

Raber is...

Plug'n Play: Easily integrate with any React project, with almost zero configuration or setup.

AI Powered: Use the power of AI to generate css, text, images, and even entire web pages.

WYSIWYG: Edit your site visually in real time, without need to open code editor.

Fully featured: No Code, but has full CSS compatibility.

Customizable: Customize your web pages using your own components, no low-code limitation.

Plug'n Play


Any front-end project using React version 17 or above can integrate with Raber to enable WYSIWYG editing. 

Integrating Raber is simple and straightforward: 

After Installing a small zero-dependency SDK (around 8KB after gzip), simply open your page in the Raber editor, and your page will enter a visual editing state. You can drag and drop elements freely, make changes easily, and publish with lightning speed.

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The Raber editor provides powerful and easy-to-use tools for styling and layout editing, allowing anyone to use it without knowledge of CSS. Non-front-end team members can also use it effortlessly. 


Unlike other tools, you not only have control over the arrangement and layout of components, but you can even deeply modify the styling of DOM elements inside components. In a no-code environment, you have complete control over the style and layout of your page.



AI Powered


Raber Copilot provides a variety of AI capabilities, allowing you to generate text, images, styles, and even complete webpage sections with simple natural language descriptions. With Raber Copilot, you can make the changes you want and get the content you need. 


For example, if you want a 'Skyline Gradient' background, simply describe it in natural language and the AI will immediately generate the desired style for you:



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Fully Featured


Raber is a highly versatile and powerful tool that offers full CSS support, enabling you to create literally any type of webpage. 


Notably, Raber's official website, the Welcome page of the editor, and even the documentation you're currently reading were all constructed using Raber. 


By opening the documentation page directly in the editor, you can experience how the content was made visually:



These showcase pages were all crafted using Raber:


Raber Official
Next.js Clone
Ethereum Clone



You can use your own component, style them, configure them as you like.


Thanks to Raber's Visual HTML, any HTML tag within a component can be styled visually, allowing you to effortlessly customize a component's style without writing various and cumbersome css in your source code.


You can try to style the following chessboard by opening this page in Raber editor:


Next player: X


📚 Learn how to use your own component.

📚 Learning how to use Visual HTML to fully customize the styling of your components.




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